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Automatic Assumptions

When listening to true crime I realised that the majority of perpetrators are male, and stereotypically that is the first examples we can think of, however throughout history there have been some very evil women, possibly even more evil, so why as a society do we assume women are less evil or dark? I decided to research into female criminals, including famous serial killers and even mob bosses, after which I decided to play around with creating these evil characters that when first looked at the viewer assumes are male, but once they look closer, they start to question their preconceived gender stereotypes. Because as a society we automatically make assumptions about people and their appearance, however this project is made to question these stereotypes. You cannot assume someone's identity today simply by the clothes they wear, however we all still continue to do so. This project asks you to take a closer look, notice how these images don't match normal stereotypes, now when you look at others and their clothing, I hope you'll first pause your automatic assumptions and look closer.

Amy Wait Portrait 1.jpg
Amy Wait Portrait 4F.jpg
Amy Wait Portrait 5F.jpg
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